Research Interests

Dr. Zhang Li’s main research interests include micro-/nanofabrication, micro-/nanomachines and their biomedical applications, nanotechnology, microfluidics, nanorobotic manipulation and self-assembly, and nanomaterials for energy storage and environmental applications.

    • Micromachines and nanorobotics: develop remote-controlled functional micromachines and nanorobots for biomedical applications; develop micro- and nanorobotic platforms for on-demand robotic tasks, and micro-/nanorobotic manipulation and assembly techniques.
    • Micro- and nanotechnology: bridge micro-/nanotechnology and new materials with robotics at small scales; micro-/nanofabrication techniques and self-assembly.
    • Functional nanomaterials: design, synthesize and characterization of nanomaterials for energy storage and green environment. We gratefully acknowledge the funding agencies that provide financial supports on our basic and translational research.